Lisbon Mapping System

Lisbon maps, zoning, floodplain, parcel information...using the Google Earth platform.

Welcome to Lisbon's Mapping System

Disclaimer: These files are unofficial and require the use of Google Earth to display.

If you do not have this program on your device and if you agree with "Google Maps/Earth" Terms of Service, you may download a free version from the link below. You may also download each of the digital mapping files to be used with that program.

Please note: This mapping system and the associated files are for informational purposes only. They are not to be used for official and/or legal purposes and are not to be used for land conveyance.

This mapping system is updated periodically. The most current update is noted in the title of the downloadable file itself.

Google Earth Link: Free Google Earth download

The Following Files are in .kmz file format: