Androscoggin County is in a Severe Hydrologic Drought

Despite last week’s rain, which ran off instead of soaking in, Maine is experiencing drought conditions for the third summer in a row.  Every County, with the exception of Washington County, is experiencing drought or abnormally dry conditions.  Most of Maine was experiencing normal conditions early in the spring largely due to the winter’s snowfall but, with the warm, dry conditions so far this summer, we are back into a drought situation.  Through July 24, streamflow conditions were generally in an extreme to moderate drought condition according to Nick Stasulis of U.S.G.S.  Many wells are showing well below to much below normal conditions with some in the low end of normal.  As you can see from the attached map indicating statewide drought conditions, Androscoggin County is in a severe hydrologic drought.  The Maine Drought Task Force is closely monitoring conditions and the group will convene if conditions worsen. 

Meanwhile, those with wells should check water levels on a regular basis and if found to be low, should consider reducing daily water usage to allow groundwater recharge, and are asked to report low conditions to municipal and emergency management officials.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Citizens should be reminded to avoid filling wells with foreign water due to dangers of contamination, corrosion and/or lead problems and should be encouraged to use water wisely.

Please call if you have questions or concerns.

Joanne G. Potvin, Director 

Androscoggin Unified Emergency Management Agency
2 College Street Lewiston, ME 04240-7101


Tel: 207-784-0147

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