Norway Maples to be Removed from Town Space

Norway Maples

Lisbon invasive species will soon be removed from town spaces.  Two Norway Maples are overwhelming all other vegetation in Gazebo Park.  The memorial park is directly across from the Lisbon High School.  Yes, they look nice, but they are destroying grass, populating yards across the street with annual shoots and encroaches on the other vegetation in the Park.  The Spruce tree, which is part of the memorial, is threatened by the close presence of the invasive Norway Maples.

Norway Maples are now illegal to sell, buy or plant, in the State of Maine.  The State of Maine ban is as of January 1, 2018.  This buy/sell/plant ban follows the same action of other Northeastern states.

The plan is to replace the two trees with native species – as soon as possible.  Lisbon is not the only community which has had to remove these trees; Philadelphia and New York City are both having to remove these invasive species from their parks – think of Grand Central Park native tree species being destroyed by Norway Maples.  Their experience is that native species return after the invasive species is removed.