Notice of a Proposed Development in the Floodplain - 210 Lisbon Street


The Town of Lisbon is requesting financial assistance under the Community Development Block Grant Façade Grant Program for a project known as 210 Lisbon St.
If implemented, the proposal will remove and replace windows and install new siding. The purpose of this notice is to inform the public that the proposed project is located in, or impacts, a floodplain. The Town Of Lisbon is conducting a floodplain impact evaluation to determine if there is a practicable alternative to this proposed development by considering alternate sites, alternative actions, and potential mitigation to minimize impacts, and restoration or preservation of the site.
Information on the proposal is available for review during business hours at Lisbon Town Hall, ECD office, 207-353-3000 x122 from ECD Director, Ross Cunningham. Any person may comment on the proposal by sending comments to Ross Cunningham, Town of Lisbon, 300 Lisbon St Lisbon Me 04250 by May 8, 2023.




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