Town Council Meetings will now air on only Channel 1302

Town Council Meetings air on Friday at 7:00 p.m. on  Channel 1302. As of December 12, 2017, Spectrum Cable will no longer carry our Local Channel 7. 

This is due to a channel realignment in their system. We expected that when this company bought Time Warner this might happen. Our channel 7 will continue to be carried on their 1302. The change will not affect Great Falls’ web service.

Spectrum assured all customers will have access to Channel 1302 going forward. Customers may have to do a channel search in order to get it to show up on their boxes. Customers with DTA's (the small adapters that come with the most basic cable package) may have to be updated as well. Since Spectrum no longer issues the DTA's, customers will be able to change them out for a digital cable box at no charge. Great Falls TV will not be responsible for assisting customers with changes as this is strictly a Spectrum system issue.

Great Falls TV will be running ads and crawls on TV to inform customers of this change. Spectrum states that they will also run messages to inform customers as well. New Channel assignments are as follows:

  • Channel 1301 - Lewiston Government
  • Channel 1302 - Auburn Government & Lisbon content
  • Channel 1303 - Community programming

School offerings will follow their respective city channels.

We hope this transition goes smoothly!