Annual Town Report

2020-2021 Annual Town Report



Town Report Dedication






This year's Annual Town Report is dedicated to the Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Town Employees for providing extraordinary customer service during COVID-19.  The Employees at Town Hall pictured above are left to right, Front Row: Pauline Pelletier, Rebecca Hayslip, Dennis Douglass; Back Row: Ray Soucy, Diane Barnes, Katie Bowie, Amy Wiers, Brenda Martin, Lisa Smith and Kathy Malloy.  The other employees, too many to list here, played a phenomenal part in providing services to residents, all while staying safe.  Employees brought many wonderful ideas to the table, keeping busy by providing drive-up meals to seniors, library services online, drop off car registrations and fees for renewals for processing at the door, and the list goes on!!!!  Masks were on and it was business (almost) as usual!

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