Annual Town Report

2019-2020 Annual Town Report

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The 2019-2020 Annual Town Report is

Dedicated to Karen Paradis








The Town Clerk read the following dedication found in the Annual Town Report:  Karin served on the Planning Board for quite a few years. She served as Chair and Vice-Chair. She was proud of her Real Estate background.  She contributed whatever she could to each case when that expertise was needed.  She liked conversation and was more than willing to talk to applicants about their particular situations; she was always polite and diplomatic, listening carefully as they spoke about their cases.  She did this especially well when situations became difficult.  She was devoted to Bob, her daughter Summer, and a most enthusiastic supporter of her grandson Jake. She would bring a little something to present to board members at Christmas time or some other occasion that she deemed special.  That generosity to virtually everyone may be what she is most remembered for.  The Town Clerk’s office created this year’s Annual Town Report with her in mind.  Since she wore blue a lot, we chose a blue theme in her honor.  The town was lucky to have had her in our community.  She contributed much to our success. 


Councilor Ward presented Karen Paradis’s daughter, Summer and Grandson Jake with a few copies of the town report that the Council dedicated to their mother this year.  Summer and Jake indicated how pleased they were to receive the copies and thanked the Council very much.    

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