Doing Business in Lisbon...

Welcome to the "Doing Business in Lisbon" page.  Often times we are asked, "how does one start-up a business in Lisbon, what are the steps."  To help better serve you we’ve created the following guide to Doing Business in Lisbon so business owners understand the local and state permitting processes and to highlight what business assistance programs we have available.

Below are a few links to help guide you through that process:

                   Doing Business in Lisbon Guidebook

                   Rt. 196 Master Plan

                   Rt. 196 Design Guidelines

                   Lisbon Downtown Plan                   

Shop Lisbon, is the Town's On-Line Business Directory. The site allows residents and visitors to search for businesses by category or name of business, while giving businesses a chance to provide citizens with information about other special offers, upcoming events, job opportunities and whatever else they want to share.