Bud and his 1935 Pontiac
Bud and his 1935 Pontiac

The history of the Lisbon Police Department is not unlike those in many other small Maine towns. Upon its incorporation in 1799, originally as Thompsonborough and a few years later changed to Lisbon, constables were appointed to serve civil process and keep the peace. Eventually the Sheriff and State Police shared duties in policing the town.

The "modern" era for Lisbon PD began in 1946. Albert "Bud" Junkins was just out of the US Army after serving as a Provost Sergeant during WWII. Bud settled in Lisbon and was asked to fill in for Constable Jim Gaynor who was taking some time off. Jim never returned and Bud became the constable for the town. He used his Army uniform, dyed blue, for work.

           Black and White photo of Police car standing next to early police car
                   Lisbon's First Cruiser  

           Modern Day Police officer sitting in his car using a laptop
           Ofcr. St.Pierre using Mobile
            Data Computer

The police car was his own 1935 Pontiac with constable plates on it (see photo). A second police officer, Richard Cota, was hired in 1955. As a result of a vote at town meeting in 1956, the town purchased its first official police cruiser (see photo).

It was a 1956 Plymouth flathead 8 producing 180 HP. It was equipped with a mobile radio-telephone and heavy duty  alternator. Bud became police chief in 1961.

Chief David Brooks began with Lisbon PD as an officer in 1974. He was promoted to Sergeant in 1980 and Police Chief in 1981. Chief Brooks retired in 2016 after 42 years in police work.  

After Chief Brook's retirement, the Town of Lisbon hired retired Brunswick Police Department Commander Marc Hagan as our new Police Chief.