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Picture of a Lisbon Zoning Map with proposed zoning changes


As part of our ongoing efforts to maintain the unique rural character of Lisbon while accommodating responsible growth, North Star Planning has prepared a comprehensive summary memo regarding the proposed changes to the Rural Open Space (ROS) zoning regulations. This memo focuses on the ROS-I and ROS-II zones, which play a crucial role in preserving Lisbon's farmland, forests, and open spaces.

The memo details the current regulations and the rationale behind considering updates. These updates aim to balance the need for preserving our valuable rural lands with the requirements of residential development, ensuring flexibility and fairness for landowners.

Key aspects of the proposal include options like Conservation/Open Space Subdivisions and Maximum Lot Size ordinances, each offering a different approach to manage land use while respecting Lisbon's rural identity.

Stakeholder Engagement Session Prior to January 25th Planning Board Meeting

To ensure community involvement and gather valuable input, we are organizing a stakeholder engagement session before the Planning Board meeting on January 25, 2024. This session is a crucial opportunity for you to voice your opinions and contribute to shaping the future of our town.

Date & Time: January 25, 2024, 6-7 PM

Location: Lisbon Town Office - Council Chambers

Your participation is vital in this process. Together, we can ensure that the development and preservation efforts in Lisbon reflect our community's values and needs.

For a detailed understanding, the full summary memo is included by clicking the link below if you received this via e-mail, or attached to this news post. We encourage you to read it and join us at the upcoming meeting to share your thoughts.


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