The Assessor's Office is responsible for determining an equitable valuation for all taxable properties in the town. In order to accomplish this task, a large volume of data concerning land, buildings, and real estate transactions is gathered and analyzed. All of the information in the Assessor's Office is available to the public and may be accessed during normal business hours. Taxpayers are encouraged to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Amy Wiers, Assessing Clerk  353-3000 ext. 108

Kathy Malloy, Assessor

Trio Assessing Data

Tax Year:
July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020
Tax Due Dates:
September 16, 2019 and March 16, 2020
Tax Rate:
$.02310 per $1,000.00  (.02310 mils)
Certified Ratio:
Homestead: $20,000 x .02310=$462.00(reduction in tax)
 Veteran: $6,000 x.02484=$138.60(reduction in tax)

In order to provide the full $20,000 Homestead Exemption, Maine law requires municipalities to maintain assessments at or near fair market value.  For the 2019 tax year (FY19-20), Lisbon valuations were increased by approximately 15% so we could continue to provide Lisbon homeowners with a $20,000 Homestead Exemption.

As per state statute, the ownership and taxable valuation of all real estate and personal property was determined as of April 1, 2019. If you sold your real estate or personal property after April 1, 2019 please forward your tax bill to the current owner.

Below is a partial list of what's available from the Assessor's Office

  • Tax Maps
  • Taxpayer Lists
  • Real Estate Transfer Declarations
  • Aerial Photos
  • Tree Growth and Farm and Open Space Current Use Exemption Applications
  • Veteran and Widow of a Veteran Exemption Forms
  • Blind Exemption Forms
  • State of Maine Property Tax Bulletins
  • Application for Abatement of Taxes

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Kathy Malloy Assessor (207) 353-3000 Ext. 110