Town Manager

The Town Manager, serving as the chief administrative officer of the Town of Lisbon and the head of the administrative branch of the Town Government, is responsible for the proper administration of all town affairs. This role involves directing and supervising the administration of all departments, attending all meetings of the Council, ensuring that all laws, provisions, and acts of the Council are faithfully executed, and preparing and submitting the annual budget, capital improvement program, financial, and administrative reports to the Council.

Working in close collaboration with the Town Manager is the Assistant Town Manager, who acts as the deputy chief administrative officer. The Assistant Town Manager plays a critical role in overseeing all operations alongside the Town Manager and steps in to act as the Town Manager in their absence. This partnership ensures a seamless administration of town affairs, with both positions working diligently to serve the needs of the Town of Lisbon and its residents.

List of Town Managers 1951 to Present

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Glenn Michalowski Town Manager (207) 353-3000 Ext. 104
Sarah Bennett Assistant Town Manager 207-353-3000 Ext 102