Town of Lisbon Continues Strong Support for LACO Food Pantry Amid Request for Re-location


Glenn Michalowski, Town Manager
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**Town of Lisbon Continues Strong Support for LACO Food Pantry Amid Request for Re-location**

The Town of Lisbon wishes to clarify its position regarding the future of the LACO Food Pantry's operations within the MTM Community Center. It has come to our attention that there are concerns regarding the potential eviction of LACO Food Pantry. We want to assert unequivocally that we are not evicting the LACO Food Pantry. The town deeply values the 18-year collaboration with the LACO Food Pantry, recognizing its critical role in addressing food insecurity among residents of Lisbon, Bowdoin, Durham, and the broader regional community through their federal support programs.

On January 10th, the town did indeed send a letter to the LACO Food Pantry Board of Directors, prompted by the mutual growth of both the pantry and the town's needs– including but not limited to space for programming and building security. The pantry's lease expired in 2005, and in light of these developments, we requested they begin the process of finding a new space to encourage both entities to continue and expand their invaluable service. This request was made with the utmost respect for the pantry's mission and with a commitment to assist in this transition.

During a meeting with the LACO Board of Directors on February 26th discussions were held on how we can collaboratively support the pantry in finding a new home. While a tentative date of June 1st was mentioned in our letter, it was intended to ensure compliance with notice requirements for tenants at will, rather than a fixed deadline. Our goal is to work together closely with LACO until a suitable new location is identified.

Moving forward, we are committed to collaborating with LACO and town staff to facilitate a seamless transition. This will include looking at the previous lease language and potentially updating it to align with code requirements for electrical service and fire safety, as well as defining the specific areas of the building LACO occupies. We plan to bring these topics to a future town council meeting for discussion.
The Town of Lisbon remains committed to supporting the LACO Food Pantry and ensuring that the services they provide can continue without interruption. We appreciate the understanding and support of the community as we work through these changes together.


Glenn Michalowski, Town Manager 

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