Transfer Station

Lisbon Transfer & Recycling Center

Department Overview

The Solid Waste Department provides the residents of Lisbon with solid waste handling and recycling services in accordance with the Maine DEP Solid Waste Management rules. It is mandatory in the Town of Lisbon to recycle all your waste into designated categories.

On a daily basis staff completes the following:

Assist Citizens: In addition to helping the elderly or handicapped we direct citizens in proper separation of their recyclables

Collect Fees: Items such as shingles, couches, mattress, wood, etc. require fees to be collected at the time of disposal.

Transportation: Annually nearly 4500 tons of materials are trucked by staff. Examples are: trash to MMWAC in Auburn, bulky waste to Grimmel industries in Topsham, shingles to Commercial paving in South Portland, wood and sheetrock to MB Bark Mulch facility in Auburn, etc.

Packaging: Three balers are used daily to make cardboard, newspaper and mixed paper bales which are stored in trailers until full. We also store CRT’s and electronic devices as well as tires until the volume is large enough to be picked up by third parties. Waste oil is tested prior to being pumped into a larger holding tank.

Mission Statement

In order to preserve natural resources, conserve energy, reduce the cost of waste disposal, and provide for a more efficient and effective means of disposing of waste materials the department of solid waste management is responsible for conducting all matters relating to the handling, transportation and disposition of all solid waste and recyclable materials handled by the town. 

Please consider the following when arriving at the Center:
  • Watch your children at all times
  • No bare feet anywhere 
  • Please be patient 
  • Please separate your items into proper categories before coming to the Center
  • If you would like to socialize, please do so in an out-of-the-way area.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Marcel Obie Operations Manager (207) 353-3000 Ext. 207