June 24, 2020 - Until Complete
Parking Ban

Several streets in Lisbon are scheduled for paving starting June 24, 2020 until complete. During paving operations, there is also a parking restriction for all Roads being worked on which the list is below. Weather may alter the work schedule.

Huston Street, From East Avenue to the end

Cross Street

Pike Street

Lawrence Street

Bates Street

Free Street from Earle Street to High Street

Pine Street from Maple Street to Oak Street

Autumn Street

Frost Hill Avenue, from Sunset Avenue to Rt. 196

Woodland Avenue

2nd Street

Bowdoin Street

Beals Street

Bauer Street

Alternate – Wagg Road

If you have questions, please contact Ray Soucy at 207-353-3000 ext. 117 or email at [email protected]