Worumbo Redevelopment Visioning

The former Worumbo Mill site offers a unique opportunity for commercial and residential development plus community green space with river views in the heart of Lisbon Falls' village area.  The Town of Lisbon is conducting a community visioning process to guide redevelopment.  The Town-owned site is roughly 4.5 acres.  Over 15,000 vehicles pass the site daily.  The Worumbo site is centrally located minutes from I-295 and Brunswick -Topsham to the east and I-95 and Lewiston-Auburn to the west, with Portland within a half hour drive.

You will find below an overview of the community visioning process and supporting background documents detailing site conditions and considerations.

Worumbo Redevelopment Community Survey Results

Following a community meeting at the MTM Center on May 26th, 306 Lisbon residents, business owners, and additional stakeholders completed a survey sharing their preferences among 3 redevelopment renderings developed by Acorn Engineering and Aceto Landscape Architects.  An overview of each scenario and related economic impacts is available below.

Summary of Survey Results available here.

Compilation of general survey comments available here.

Town Council discussion of next steps for the redevelopment process begins at the 1 hour and 25 minute point of June 22nd Town Council live stream video, available here.

Staff memo summarizing survey findings and next steps available here.

Overview of Worumbo Community Survey.  Lisbon residents are invited to complete a short survey to share your preference for development density at the Worumbo site by ranking three scenarios representing a range of development.  The link to the survey is available below.

Each Worumbo redevelopment scenario: 1) Connects Main Street to the River;  2) Conserves three or more acres of community green space adjacent to the River; 3) Protects views of the River from key vista points; and 4) Features housing and/or commercial/retail that will add economic vitality.  

The three following scenarios offer Lisbon stakeholders the opportunity to visualize and consider trade-offs across a range of development density.   Based on community feedback to date, a majority of the Lisbon community would like to see a balance of green space and development.  Visualizing the three scenarios will help fine-tune the appropriate balance of land uses.

View the three development scenarios prepared by Aceto Landscape Architects by clicking here.

Click Here to watch a presentation of the draft Worumbo Renderings during the May 12th Lisbon Development Committee meeting.

Scenario 1:  River Gateway.  6,500 square feet of commercial development with emphasis on green space.  See slides 10 & 11 of the Aceto presentation.  

Estimated economic Impact

  • Annual Downtown TIF tax revenue:  $19,903
  • New jobs created:  16 (6,500 sf commercial / 400 sf per employee)
  • New household spending:  0 (scenario does not include residential)

Scenario 2:  Lower Main Street.  Maximize development under current zoning with 8,000 square feet of commercial development and 42 residential units, while preserving 3 acres of green space.  Slides 12 & 13 of the Aceto presentation.

Estimated economic Impact

  • Annual Downtown TIF tax revenue:  $140,039
  • New jobs created:  20 (8,000 sf commercial / 400 sf per employee)
  • New household spending:  $501,163 (based on average spending data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Scenario 3:  Worumbo Waterfront.  Relax building height restrictions and parking requirements under new zoning to enable 14,000 square feet of commercial development and 64 residential units while preserving +/- 3 acres of green space.  See slides 14 & 15 of the Aceto presentation.

Estimated economic Impact

  • Annual Downtown TIF tax revenue:  $204,809
  • New jobs created:  35 (14,000 sf commercial / 400 sf per employee)
  • New household spending:  $763,677 (based on average spending data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics


Worumbo Visioning Forum - 6pm on Wednesday, May 26th at MTM Community Center

Members of the Lisbon community met at the MTM Center to review three conceptual site plans and renderings for the Worumbo site and provide input.  The Worumbo redevelopment scenarios present a range of development densities at Worumbo, while conserving community green space and preserving river views. Council awarded the rendering design project to Acorn Engineering and Aceto Landscape Architects.  

The agenda for the community meeting on May 26th included 1) Staff presentation providing an overview of the planning process and economic development goals; 2) Comments from a developer about investment priorities and market trends, 3) Presentation of the visual scenarios by the architectural consultant; 4) Break-out groups to gather inclusive input; and 5) Community discussion to guide final edits and adjustments to the site plan renderings.

Design Renderings for Riverfront Infill Development at the former Worumbo Mill Site

Request for Proposals

After a competitive RFP process, The Town of Lisbon selected Acorn Engineering and Aceto Landscape Architects  to create redevelopment design renderings for the former Worumbo Mill parcel located at 1 Canal Street in Lisbon Falls, Maine.  The design renderings will help Lisbon residents, businesses, and other stakeholders future redevelopment for the parcel.

Access the Acorn/Aceto proposal here.

Access the RFP here.

RFP Questions and Responses are available here.

RFP Background Documents

  1. Current Zoning Ordinance -- Village District 
  2. Elevation Study
  3. Conceptual Floodplain Fill Area highlighted in yellow
  4. Lisbon Downtown Revitalization Plan Update – 2014
  5. Envision Downtown Lisbon Plan – 2011
  6. Environmental Documentation
    1. VRAP Certificate of Completion -- June 2020
    2. Declaration of Environmental Covenant -- June 2020
    3. Phase I Environmental Assessment -- December 2018
    4. Phase II Environmental Assessment  -- May 2019
    5. Supplemental Phase II Environmental Assessment -- September 2019
  7. Lisbon Floodplain Ordinance

Contact Ross Cunningham at rcunningham@lisbonme.org or (207) 353-3000 ext 122.


Floodplain Considerations

Worumbo Elevation Study by Lisbon's Little River Land Surveying and background memo 

Worumbo conceptual floodplain fill area and background memo


Community Visioning Kick-Off Meeting:  August 24th on Main Street:  Over 60 local residents and business owners participated to launch a public input process to help guide redevelopment efforts for the Worumbo site.   The meeting included presentations, a site walk, and a brainstorming discussion that included ideas, questions and answers from attendees.  Following are presentations shared during the kick-off.